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Necessity is the mother of invention!

10,237 Miles from home!
July 19,2010: Arriving at LAX on a plane from South Africa with a couple of bare necessities and a very large suitcase full of hopes and dreams! Finally made the move from South Africa to the USA – leaving our country, friends and family behind in pursuit of the American dream!
The first few years were filled with lots of excitement, enlightment  and anticipation about the American way of life  –  an arduous path of discovering  and adjusting our new reality…
The  years passed quickly  and soon we  discovered that reaching the American dream was not going to be easy :'( Fitting into the new culture and way was difficult. For one, our South African accent was just one of many obstacles!
No stone was left unturned,spending every waking hour figuring out new and better ways to communicate and understand the needs of our new American market. Although rewarding, these were tremulous years, to put it mildly! To tell you the truth, if I knew how challenging it was going to be, I probably would have never taken this leap of faith!

Fast-forward to early  2015…
One cold January morning, I was getting packing in prepararion for trade shows in Texas and Las Vegas. These perticular events were upmarket and called for a polished look. I laid out my outfit of choice for a second round of inspection: Stunning cowboy boots,Black skirt, Sexy black button-down blouse & jewelry to match. In my mind, the perfect outfit in every way! Everything looked great, there was only one BIG problem...I knew was going to freeze due to artic air blasting from the air-conditioner vents in the exhibit hall. The AC was definitely not set to accommodate me, but rather at a level comfortable to the many male attendees walking around and browsing the various booths. Most would be wearing something like a pair of jeans a jacket  or light sweater. In any event, men and womens prefered temperture is never the same!
I was faced with 3 choices:
1. Grin and bear it and try to cover up my blue chattering lips   with lip-gloss,or;
2. Reach for a bulky jacket and ultimately cover up my favorite outfit in the process or;
3. Make another plan, once and for all, to deal with this universal problem women are faceing all around the world!  

I went for option 3.Whether you own a pair of pantyhouse or not, I, and most females born on planet earth know intuitively pantyhouse keeps your warm…so,I went into my dressing room, found a pair of opaque tights and pair of scissors and started sewing and  snipping away...  A few minutes later, the first baby Slanky was born – what a beauty! She was small, cute and a perfect second skin in every way. I quickly tried her on, and I immediately knew this baby was going with me to the trade shows!     

I wore my Slanky everyday, just giving her a quick rinse at night and it worked I like a charm! Rewind a little…as I mentioned before, my journey to find my American dream was not easy. It is ironic that 14 years ago when we arrived at  LAX airport from South Africa, I immediately became aware  the cold A/C blasting from the air vents. Obliviously, the need for Slanky was already embedded sub-conciously. All these years I was  constantly looking for the next big idea, something new, something useful, something innovative -all the while it was it was right there in front of my eyes! :)  ​  

Thank you for your support!  
Karin ♥